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Frequently Asked Questions

What is distance learning?

Distance learning is a scheme where after an initial induction of around an hour and a half, the learner then does the work in their own time and sends the completed work off by either post or online a tutor then marks the work and provides constructive written feedback and sends it back to the learner The learner is fully supported by their tutor via telephone, text or email. This has proved to be a very successful way of learning as it means the staff member doesn’t have to stop working when the tutor arrives as can sometimes be the problem, with NVQ’s.

Who are Learnerfind?

Learnerfind is a company dedicated to matching learners with fully funded training. We have a UK based call centre with staff trained in suiting the needs of learners and matching them to fully funded training to help them further their careers.

What is QCF?

QCF stands for Qualification and Credit Framework It’s a framework with a new way of recognising skills and qualifications. It does this by awarding credit for qualifications and units (small steps of learning) and enables people to gain qualifications at their own pace along flexible routes.

Understanding credit

All new units developed for inclusion on the QCF must include a credit value. The credit value’s role is to indicate the amount of directed learning time required on average, for a learner to achieve a unit. Learning time is made up not only of Guided Learning Hours (GLH) but also of directed time spent ‘away from the provider’ (non-GLH: homework, independent research, work placement / experience).

What it means to learning providers?

Besides being able to offer more freedom, flexibility, choice and opportunities for learners it will also:

  • Help improve retention and progression rates by recognising smaller steps of achievement
  • Track all learners achievements through the use of a unique learner number (ULN) and an individual’s electronic learner record giving providers standard information about each learners past achievements
  • Describe achievements to employers and learners in a language that’s easy to understand

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