Working In Mental Health

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NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Working in Mental Health Course information • A blended or distance learning programme • Flexible learning – candidates complete the programme within agreed time scales • Fully supported by The Skills Network in partnership with our network of Further Education colleges • Simple enrolment and induction procedure • Receive a nationally recognised Level 2 qualification upon completion • NO course fees – fully funded by the college (subject to terms and conditions – See ‘Course Costs’ overleaf). The Certificate in Understanding Working in Mental Health The NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Working in Mental Health is a fantastic qualification for anyone wanting to recognise the importance of work in this sector. This qualification is especially useful to those learners who wish to get an introduction to understanding the work involved when working with people with mental health problems. This programme will help learners to build up achievements in a way which is appropriate and meaningful. Tutor support Our team of highly qualified tutors are available to support all learners throughout their programme of study with robust feedback, advice and guidance. Connecting people…developing skills Course Content Upon enrolment each candidate will receive a learning resource / information pack which covers the following: Part A Unit 1: Mental Health and Mental Health Issues • The background to mental health issues • Mental health problems and illnesses • Legislation and mental health problems Unit 2: Introduction to Duty of Care in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young Peoples’ Settings • The implications of duty of care • Resolving dilemmas where there is a duty of care • Responding to complaints Unit 3: Valuing Equality and Diversity • Understanding aspects of equality and diversity • Understanding aspects of discrimination Part B Unit 4: Approaches to Care and Management in Mental Health • Understanding the care planning process • Understanding aspects of good practice in care planning Unit 5: Understanding Change and Support in Relation to Mental Health • How mental health change occurs • The role of others in supporting mental health change • Treatment for managing mental health problems • Sources of information on mental health issues Completing the Course Each candidate will receive their own learning pack which includes two learning resources / information booklets and two paper-based assessments. Candidates must complete the assessments in the agreed time scales and submit them for marking by our team of qualified tutors. Your tutor will then provide feedback, advice and guidance to help you successfully complete the course. Upon successful completion of the assessment, candidates will be awarded the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Working in Mental Health and will then be able to progress on to other areas of study. Course Costs There are no fees for this course as the college has secured funding and has agreed to waive all fees. Therefore, there is no charge to either you (the employer) or you (the candidate).** Please note that when a candidate enrols on this course they will be expected to complete the programme of study within the allocated time scales. Should a candidate not complete the course in full, they will be required to pay a fee to cover registration, administration fees and learning material costs. Funded places are subject to availability and are subject to the terms and conditions of the college delivering the course. Candidate Application Candidates can apply to undertake this course by registering their interest with their employer (e.g. their line manager, training and development or personnel department). Employers can then register candidates by completing a standard Candidate Application Form (terms and conditions apply). Applicants will then be required to attend a group induction session at their place of work at a time to be agreed. Contact Us To register applicants, or for more information, please contact The Learnerfind Team on: T: 0113 887 8349 E: **This information is correct at time of publication and may be subject to change. The Skills Network reserves the right to impose fees at the request of partner colleges. Details of any related fees will be presented and agreed with candidates and employers prior to enrolment if applicable.