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. The role of the fire marshall.
. Liaison with the fire service.
. Action on discovering a fire.
. Fire safety legislation.
. The chemistry of fire.
. Common causes of fire.
. Fire safety precautions.
. Fire drills and evacuation.
. How to use fire extinguishers.

Fire Marshall Training

The standard requirements for this course
are the learner must be an EU Resident or
have worked in the UK for at least 3 years,
also must be over 19 years old with
permanent contract of employment, or be
in a voluntary position for a minimum of 8
hours per week.

Greater Manchester area funded postcodes:

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There is a limit of funding for this course
which is based in the Greater Manchester
area, for more information about the
postcodes that are funded then please check
the links to the right.

This course covers the role of the designated fire
marshall. It also gives you the opportunity to
learn about the different types of fire
extinguisher and how to use them correctly. This
course is suitable for those who are responsible
for overseeing fire safety, designated fire
marshals and anyone who needs to know how to
use a fire extinguisher.